Artificial intelligence: OpenAI (ChatGPT) valued at 80 billion…

Two days after revealing the prowess of Sora, its video ChatGPT, Sam Altman’s company has just reached an agreement with investors.

This operation comes three months after a major crisis for the Californian startup, when its co-founder and boss was fired then reinstated in the space of a few days.  (Illustrative photo).

Shortly after the launch of Sora, OpenAI’s new artificial intelligence which can generate a video sequence in just a few minutes from a simple prompt (short descriptive text), Sam Altman’s company has just concluded an agreement which values ​​it at 80 billion dollars according to the New York Times cited by AFP.

The confidential operation, not confirmed by OpenAI, means that the value of this leading company in artificial intelligence (AI) has almost tripled in less than 10 months, according to the American daily’s sources. The deal calls for the San Francisco-based company to sell existing shares to investors, led by Thrive Capital.

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Unprecedented enthusiasm for this technology

It allows managers and employees to sell shares at a very favorable price, three months after a major crisis for the company. startup Californian, when its co-founder and boss Sam Altman was fired and then reinstated in the space of a few days. OpenAI released its generative artificial intelligence software ChatGPT online at the end of 2022.

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The success of this interface has sparked unprecedented enthusiasm for this cutting-edge technology, capable of producing texts, sounds and images on simple request in everyday language and now videos. A woman strolling through the streets of Tokyo, two pirate ships sailing in a cup of coffee, Labrador puppies snorting in the snow…. On X, short videos, not exceeding one minute, were circulated.

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Sora will be far from being the first so-called text-to-video algorithm

The model is also capable of animating a still image or extending an existing short video. At this time, this program is not accessible to the general public. Only a few artists, designers and directors can use it, specifies OpenAI on its site, as well as experts specializing in bias and disinformation. Objective, to test the safeguards and detect possible flaws.

Sora will be far from being the first so-called text-to-video algorithm available on the market. The first experiments date from the end of 2022. Google notably showed the first results of its Phenaki tool. The rendering was blurry, the shapes a little strange, but already an AI was capable of creating a small film from a piece of text.

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Its shareholder Microsoft in fierce competition with Google

Its shareholder Microsoft, which has injected around $13 billion into OpenAI in recent years, is providing fierce competition to Google in the development and deployment of generative AI tools, to the point that the American competition authority announced in January the launch of an investigation into the Dantean investments of Microsoft, Google and Amazon in specialized start-ups.

According to the New York Times, OpenAI had already reached a similar agreement early last year with venture capital firms, including Thrive Capital, Sequoia Capital and Andreessen Horowitz, which increased its value to $29 billion.

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