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Virtual CTO Service | Cost-Effective Strategic Edge

The effectiveness of a development team largely depends on proper supervision. However, when the structure and idea of a project are far from standard, conventional product management may not be enough. Indeed, non-traditional solutions most often require non-traditional approaches, too, and in general, not every manager can see their prospects from a bird’s eye view. How, then, could you adequately overcome this obstacle without exhausting the project’s budget? Let’s figure it out right now.

The Problem’s Essence and Its Win-Win Solution

In short, you should consider the option to resort to CTO as a Service for business. Since CTO consulting services are needed by almost any project – especially those that do not have a sustainable business model, it is important to act in such a way, that the closure of this need occurs as quickly and cost-effectively as possible. And this is where CTO as a Service is the best solution.

The fact is that when you choose traditional CTO services, that is, those that involve hiring a specialist with the required set of skills in-house, you are actually dooming yourself to months of searching. Moreover, even if you find a suitable candidate, you run the risk of having high salary expectations from them, which is not surprising given that you are hiring a C-level expert.

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Thus, remote CTO consulting services become almost the only opportunity to save your budget without sacrificing the level of competence that you want to receive.

Benefits of This Choice for Startups

By choosing CTO as a Service for startups, you achieve not only a reduction in possible costs, both associated with the high rates of local experts, and the need to organize a separate workplace, as well as pay taxes, sick leave, and vacations. The fact is that due to the acute shortage of such experts in local markets, it is quite difficult to get them on your team.

At the same time, you can receive services from a virtual Chief Technology Officer provided by an outsourcing company that you trust already in the coming days – you just need to clearly outline the list of requirements and skills (both hard and soft ones) that you are looking for, and also agree on a schedule for interaction (whether it’s certain hours during the workday, contact on request, full-time work during the week/month, or something else).

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Actually, that’s all – your budget is safe, and your team is managed by a tech-savvy professional who perfectly understands the value of every decision made for your business!

Final Thoughts

As you can already understand, most often, an outsourced CTO as a Service solves those problems that turn out to be too complex for usual product managers – in particular, we are talking about choosing a specific set of technologies, tools, and architecture for a project according to the business strategy that the product’s owner wants to follow.

If you would like to estimate the CTO as a Service cost in your specific case or have already decided to outsource Chief Technology Officer, please write or call us. We will select a specialist according to your unique requirements and the specifics of your business niche to ensure your solution’s long-term competitiveness and viability.

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