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New Tesla Model Y: for restyling, you will ultimately have to wait until 2025!

For the restyling of the Tesla Model Y, you will have to wait a little longer…

It is a bad new for Tesla fans. The American manufacturer has confirmed that restyling of the Model Y will not be for 2024but good for 2025at least.

Rumors that have been circulating for months

Information around a restyled version of the Model Y appeared now some months.
Indeed, in November 2023during the presentation of the restyled Model 3 and its many improvements, two media decided to swing a bomb.
These are our colleagues from Reuters and of Bloomberg, and who mentioned the arrival, for 2024, of a restyled Tesla Model Y.
According to these media, the production of the reissue of the electric SUV Lighthouse of the American manufacturer was even to start at mid-2024 in the Shanghai Gigafactory.
The launch of this car was to happen before the end of the year 2024. Great information for the fans of Tesla.
So much so that many customers have decided to postpone their purchase of a new Model Y in order to to wait restyling.
A situation which is not to the taste of Tesla, who has decided to put the points back on the “i”. The American manufacturer has clarified the situation around the restyled Model Y on social networks.

A press release to rectify the situation!

You’re here therefore communicated on social networks and in particular X (ex-Twitter). We can read there: “We have heard your feedback that some customers are waiting to place their orders for the Model Y because they anticipate a facelift similar to the Model 3. It is important that we communicate transparently. There will be no Model Y launch this year”.
This is clear. But then when will this restyling be able to land ? Well maybe from 2025even if no date was not made official by You’re here.
And we can understand Why the American manufacturer seeks to clarify the situation. In France, Tesla is carrying out big promotionswith the Model Y, in Propulsion version, from 42,990 euros. The 2024 ecological bonus even allows reduce the bill at 38,990 euros.
For restyling, you have to wait some more some months before having news official. A production which could, moreover, to carry out in the Berlin Gigafactory.

To note that the new version of the Tesla Model Y has the code name: “Juniper.”

Tesla Model Y: restyling finally postponed to 2025
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