Kia Stinger: a leak confirms its successor for 2026

A 100% electric sedan should arrive in 2026 to succeed the Kia Stinger. Here’s what we know.

The KIA Stinger will have a substitute. The latter is expected for 2026. The information comes from from a leak and evokes the arrival of a 100% electric sedan from the Korean manufacturer.

Leaked production schedule!

There is a few yearsKia marketed one of its latest sedans internal combustion, namely the Stinger.
But since the year, this sedan has disappeared catalogsto make room for the Kia EV6. That said, good news for fans of the Korean manufacturer comes to arrive.
Indeed, leaks unofficial documents coming straight from Korea allowed us to discover the arrival of the successor to the KIA Stinger. This last would be equipped with a motor 100% electric and has the internal code name GT1but should be baptized Kia EV8.
This car will be built on the eM platform new generation from Hyundai and already available.
According to unofficial informationthis new model should come out of factory 3 of Kia, in Hwaseong City.
We even know its release date supposed thanks to a leak from the calendar production, relayed by the Korean Car Blog. In fact, the successor to the Kia Stinger should arrive in 2026.
Obviously, these are informations to take with tweezers since, at the moment, Kia has not confirmed anything.

A range of up to 800 kilometers?

The new platform of Hyundai is called the “eM”. And good news, we know more his characteristics since she is already on the market.
Indeed, two engines should equip the front and rear of this new future car.
In total, the EV8 would have, in total 405kWwhich is the equivalent of 603 horsepower. More precisely, there would be 250kW at the rear and 200kW in the front.
In terms of the battery, we find a capacity of 113.2 kWh. This should result in an autonomy of almost 800 kilometers.
If this information came to confirmthis would be good news for customers from the Korean manufacturer. As a reminder, the Kia EV9 offers autonomy of 541 kilometers only.
Finally, in terms of price, the base prices should be around 39,500 and 50,000 eurosas is the case for the EV6 and EV9.
Here again, nothing is confirmed by Kia and information leak is relayed by the Korean media: Korean Car Blog.

Before the arrival of the Stinger, Kia will put on the market two other models more modest, namely the EV3 and EV4.

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Leak confirms KIA Stinger successor for 2026

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