Barely released from prison, a man steals a semi-trailer… to get home!

A man arrested in Arizona said he stole a tractor-trailer loaded with several Chevrolet Corvette C8s for the simple purpose of returning home after his release from prison.

What does a man convicted of theft Auto who just got out of prison? He takes it to the next level by stealing a semi-trailer directly responsible for several vehicles.
At least that’s the brilliant idea that Isaiah Walker in Arizona, even if the reason for this larcenywe will see, is far from being pecuniary.

Isaiah Walker wins a truck driver’s trust and steals his semi-trailer

This Thursday, February 15, our man had just get out of prison. After coaxing the driver of a truck in a restaurant to gain his trust, Isaiah Walker accompanied him to the parking lot where he attacked him.
While the driver wanted to return to his cabin, the suspect held him and threw him to the ground. Time for him to take the wheel of the heavy weights and run away.

The truck transports ten new Chevrolet Corvette C8s

There police was immediately deployed to find the trace of the fleeing thief, as well as his rather expensive cargo. Indeed, whether he is aware of it or not, he has just stolen a semi-trailer loaded with ten Chevrolet Corvette C8 new, for a total value estimated at more than $1.25 million.
The truck is quickly spotted by the sheriff County. A chase then follows on Fort Grant Road during which the newly released inmate will take all risks to escape his pursuers, causing numerous accidents with other users on the road. But as we approach County Line Roadthe man decides to stop the charges and immobilizes his vehicle in order to surrender.

Suspect steals tractor-trailer in attempt to get home

It was during his first audition that Isaiah Walker revealed the real reason of his flight. Even if everything suggested that the million dollars of loading had made eyes at the man, it turns out that he was simply looking for a means of transport to to return to his place
As surprising as it may seem, this problem would affect many American prisoners who often find themselves without money upon release from detention and geographically far from their families. The county sheriff did not hesitate to take the example of suspect arrestedexplaining that the latter resided more than 1,200 kilometers from the place where he was incarcerated.
Despite the seriousness of the facts, the thief did not cause any casualties in his crazy race, neither in traffic nor among the precious delivery. The driver was therefore able to resume his initial tour. His attacker, for his part, returned to prison without needing to repeat the illegal. His transport was ensured by the sheriff who was personally responsible for transporting him. taken back to the cell.

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