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Electric cars would pose more problems

According to a large-scale study carried out by JD Power among 30,595 motorists, electric cars encounter more problems than thermal models. Explanations.

THE electric cars promised a lower cost in terms of maintenance. Furthermore, they would not require not as many repairs than thermal vehicles.
Formerly considered certainties by supporters of electrification, these arguments are contradicted by reality. The number one problem for electric car owners is the frequency of tire changes. The phenomenon results from the higher weight due to the batteries. After three years of use, 39% of owners say they have replaced tires in the past 12 months, 19% more than gasoline vehicle owners.

Electric cars under the scrutiny of a major study

The owners of electric vehicles – and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles – meet more than problems that model owners thermal and “simple” hybrids. This is reported by the American consumer data analysis and insights company JD Power.
His study on the vehicle reliability is based on the responses of 30,595 owners, after three years of use. Electric vehicles generate 256 problems per 100 vehicles testedwhile plug-in hybrid vehicles obtain, 216.
For their part, hybrids reach 191 and gasoline vehicles, 187. The rate of increase in problems between 90 days and three years of ownership, for an electric car, increased to 17%, an increase of 5 points per year. compared to 2023.

A study that covers 184 control points

The study covers 184 specific problem areas across nine major vehicle categories. They cover, among other things, air conditioning, driving assistance, driving experience, controls, display, infotainment system, engine and seats. THE conclusions of the study underlinet the challenges faced by the car rental company Hertz, which is getting rid of its fleet of 20,000 electric vehicles. This figure represents a third of the total electric vehicles it has purchased, due to higher maintenance costs.

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Hertz sells off a third of its electric cars

The world leader in rental discusses more repairs and lower resale values compared to gasoline vehicles. The car rental company has also put a massive order for electric models on hold. THE manufacturers are also reducing their production plans and supply. In fact, of more and more consumers are avoiding purchasing fully electric vehicles. In fact, they arise from questions related to costs, range, charging and reliability.

Ford accumulates losses

Ford recently announced that its electric models lost $4.7 billion (€4.3 billion) last year. Likewise, it predicts that these losses will reach 5.5 billion dollars (5.1 billion €) this year, according to Forbes. In the third quarter of 2023, Ford lost around $36,000 (€33,400) on each electric car model soldaccording to the specialist site Inside EVs.

Massive destocking

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