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Tesla: an update that improves charging in cold weather

Tesla is rolling out update 2.6 which should fix cold weather charging issues while introducing other welcome improvements for drivers.

You’re here rolls out a new update to compensate for the problems encountered during freezing. In fact, the latter launches the automatic preheating of the charging porton the way to a station.
The manufacturer’s latest software feature should prevent chargers from being blocked by negative temperatures.
It’s a fact: electric vehicles, Tesla and others, are faced with cold problems that thermal cars do not experience. While no one likes driving in harsh conditions, for Tesla owners, the cold can be enough to block them.

Tesla is constantly improving the software of its vehicles

Features in the latest Tesla software update could help American homeowners facing polar temperatures. The latter have long complained about the problems they can encounter in cold weather.
THE low temperatures discharge batteries more quickly Teslas. In addition, they can freeze doors and prevent them from recharging.
With this software update, charger stuck in freezing weather will be a thing of the past. With the latest evolution in 2024, the 2.6, Tesla asks drivers to use the navigation system to select a charging station. During the journey, the vehicle starts automatically warm the charging port And prepare the battery.

Automated battery preparation

Battery conditioning on the way to the charger reduces the time needed to start the charging process. When temperatures drop below freezing, electric vehicle batteries need to be warmed up in order to be charged.
Electric vehicle batteries can take up to three times longer in cold weather. Tesla added a timer which will indicate to drivers the necessary time so that the battery finishes warming up and fast DC charging can begin.

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Additional improvements welcome

This measure, as well as certain software changes to the chargers themselves, will, according to Tesla, make the entire more efficient process.

Tesla also included a few other charging tips in cold weather in the patch notes of the software. In fact, the manufacturer recommends checking for debris before plugging in the charger, making sure everything is properly connected and using the manual release if you cannot unplug the charger.
However, it is also advisable to read the manual for best practices in cold weather. The update also includes other improvements like a ultra-wideband phone dongleof the adaptive headlightsthere taking into account the age of the battery in the estimates ofautonomy and improvements to security.

Charger stuck

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