A driver receives a heavy fine for scratching his head while driving!

A Dutch motorist certainly did not expect to receive such a hefty fine for simply having the misfortune of scratching his head while driving!

To The Netherlandsa man has surely spent a very bad day after opening his mail traffic ticket. Caught in the act by a radar, the motorist discovered a fine well salted. Had the latter been reckless by driving above the authorized speed limits? Well… not really, the man just had the weakness to… himself scratch your head driving !

Dutch driver fined 380 euros for scratching his head while driving

There Dutch road safety is not the lax type. Far from there. A driver recently paid the price for this extreme severity. For this harmless gesturescratching his head, the latter was fined 380 euros. Yes it stings! Well… rest assured all the same, if certain rules are more and more restrictive, this sanction is the result of a radar error.

The Netherlands has installed new state-of-the-art devices with artificial intelligence to monitor traffic violations

Authorities in the Netherlands have invested millions of euros in video surveillance devices intelligent equipped withartificial intelligence. That said, these state-of-the-art radars responsible for monitoring traffic offenses still seem not to be quite ready, at least to precisely detect drivers making calls while driving.

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In the case of this head scratching, the algorithm got somewhat confused in its analysis. The system likely confused this inconsequential act with the use of a cell phone while driving. We can also point out the second error, human this time, on the part of the agent in charge of validate offenseswho let this pass absurdity.

The unlucky man works in the field of data analysis. He therefore hastened to reproduce the scene using a algorithm “real-time object detection” to prove his innocence. The analysis of such a photo with flash is very close to my work. I create algorithms myself that edit and analyze images »he declared on BFMTV.

CCTV system algorithm confuses this head scratching with cell phone use while driving

He also shared the results of his research: “As soon as my empty hand goes to my ear, the video shows that the algorithm can simply signal the presence of a phone. So that’s not accurate and that’s probably also what happened with the police algorithm.”.

The story should have ended there, but that was without counting the administrative burden. The driver, supporting photo, obviously wanted to challenge this gross error with the police. Unfortunately for him, his claim went unanswered and it was forced to settle the modest sum of 380 euros. The latter therefore took the matter to court, hoping to obtain winning the case.

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